Conversations about design

On the 30th of August, CHART Design and CHART Art Fair will open its doors and welcome the public and professionals across fields to take part in a common experience of art and design. As a part of this year’s event, CHART presents a live programme including talks, film screenings, artistic performances and guided tours.

The talk-programme can be part of creating a link between the viewer and the designers and leads a path to discuss and explore some of the thematic issues they deal with in their pieces as well as in their work process. On 31 August we can join the conversation of Irene Nordi (NO), Sigve Knutson (NO) and Turi Heisselberg Pedersen (DK) at Den Frie and explore ideas about how material research can create new ideas and untraditional design pieces.

Sabine Marcelis, Dawn light series. Photo courtesy of Sabine Marcelis and CHART

The talk-programme also opens up for a larger conversation about collectible design and how art and design still moves closer together to overlap and clash. To guide this discussion we can meet Edoardo Monti (IT), Irija Øwre (NO), Sabine Marcelis (ZE) and Maria Foerlev (DK) on 31 August at Den Frie and delve into the importance of nurturing contemporary design and how collectible pieces are part of creating the scene of contemporary design.

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. Photo courtesy of Moon and CHART

The conversation is broadened when the three curators Suvi Saloniemi, Petra Lilja and Johan Deurell meet on 1 september and share a common reflection on contemporary design, how it reflects our current society and how the field could develop in the future.

The talent exhibition Matters – Rethinking Materials at Designmuseum Danmark is also on the talk-programme when the curators Line Ulrika Christiansen and Pernille Stockmarr meet up with two of the young designers Kathrine Barboe Bendixen and Kajsa Willner. They will discuss why designers from the younger generations often look to innovative materials as a starting point for their designs.

The CHART Live Programme runs from 30 august – 1 september
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