Nordic design talents rethink materials

The newly renovated courtyard of Designmuseum Danmark sets the scene for Matters – rethinking materials, a curated exhibition showing five Nordic design talents and their innovative approach to working with materials in new ways.

The exhibition will show pieces by Stian Kornved Ruud, Sarah Vajira Lindström, Kathrine Barbro Bendixen, Antrei Hartikaninen and Kajsa Willner with an explorative approach to how material can inform a design process and create ideas that push design into an innovative and sustainable future.

CHART Presents Nordic Collectible Design

The exhibition is curated by Line Ulrika Christiansen, Institute Head of Domus Academy Milano, and Pernille Stockmarr, Curator at Designmuseum Danmark. They explain how the designers approach material in both a humble and fierce way, and create a dialogue between art and design to redeem their conceptual ideas:

”The exhibition explores how materials often considered useless by humans can be reactivated by challenging both synthetic and organic ecosystems. A conceptual crossing of the show connects two precise points; the arrival point where the recent world of material turns to debris, urging a renewal of characteristics; and the departure point where the ancient world of natural substances is considered new material components. The installed pieces both present a humble view of nature that provides us with a direct inspiration to recreate both its lost mystery and calm, while other works challenge our Nordic and traditional conventions about how nature is used as a material. In order to reinvent this conceptual approach to materials, the designers bring the fields of art and design into a new enriching dialogue”

Matters – Rethinking Materials is this year’s CHART Curio design exhibition in collaboration with Designmuseum Danmark. The exhibition will be on shown at Designmuseum Danmark’s outdoor exhibition vitrines from 28 August 2019 – 29 March 2020.