Blond Belysning

BLOND is bringing designs by some of the most renowned Scandinavian architects and designers of this date to Euroluce.

Huilu – Timo Ripatti
Huilu, the finnish word for ”flute”, is the latest collaboration between finnish designer Timo Ripatti and Swedish manufacturer BLOND BELYSNING.
The product allows the architect to create layers of light with the reflectors, while a desired glare free light is also obtained.

Mill – Simo Serpola
Mill is the first collaboration between finnish designer Simo Serpola and Swedish manufacturer BLOND BELYSNING.
The pendants- and wall luminaires are probably the most versatile luminaire BLOND has created to date regarding the beam angle of the light: 12°, 25°, 60° or simply a diffuse light are the standard angles giving the possibility to find the best suited option for the project.
BLONDs first encounter with Simo took place in the SaloneSatellite 2017.

Victoria – Bornstein Lyckefors
Originally developed as an outdoor luminaire for Victoriagården in Gothenburg, Sweden, with Wallenstam and Bornstein Lyckefors, it offers a feeling of space and room while also creating an effect of being a ceiling as well as of creating a starry sky. The luminaire is featured with three different patterns on the reflector.

Other products featured are by Gunnar Asplund, David Regestam and Andreas Martin-Löf.